A full life

July 21, 1931 – November 23, 2011
80 years 4 months and 2 days
4192 weeks and one day
29 345 days

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  1. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death in a dramatic way I am constantly reminded your courage, strength and wisdom.
    In particular on this day.
    Thank you for the example you have been in this and so may other ways!

  2. Dad, Today you would be 85!
    It can’t be 5 years. Your humor, optimism and personality seem so recent in my thoughts. I miss you greatly. Miss talking about projects and football and just spending time. Especially now remembering Thanksgiving and Christmas times together. I realize more each year how positively you have influenced my life and how much of your character I want to pass on to Ena and Ben. Thanks Dad

  3. 5 Days, 5 Weeks, 5 Months, 5 Years, it is all the same. You are as much a part of my memories, my decisions, my work ethic, my honesty, and my dreams as you were when you were alive. I miss you every day and am grateful for you every day as well. RIP Gene Hutchins.

  4. It has now been five years since a truly radical change occurred in my life.
    On this day 5 years ago my Father died.
    I am still grappling with the ramifications of this and I probably will continue for the rest of my days.
    I am eternally grateful to my Dad for too may things to name.
    This thankfulness helps to keep the sadness and loss at bay.

    In remembrance!

  5. It has now been four years.
    A lifetime for the younger great grandchildren, paradoxically an eternity and an instant for me.

    Remembering Eugene L. Hutchins Jr. in a special way on this day.

  6. I find myself talking more and more about you all the time in conversations these days Dad. I guess that’s a good thing, but it certainly doesn’t mean that missing you is any easier. I see things built in that certain “Gene Hutchins way” or I visit places and think, “this is something that you would really have enjoyed seeing”. I hope that you can see ALL of that now, and more. I hope you are at peace and free from the pain you dealt with for so many years. I hope you know how much we all miss you and are grateful for the things you have given us.

  7. Gene, it is hard to believe two years have passed since you passed. Your presence was so large and so is the hole you left behind. I know you are resting in everlasting comfort and grace, waiting for your family to reach the same reward. We all miss you, love you, and hope to live up in some small way to your amazing example of strength, faith, and love, until that day.

  8. Gone but never forgotten. I hear your voice everyday. You still make me laugh and you still inspire me to work harder, think, and be the best that I can be at whatever I am doing.

  9. Two years… The emptiness can never be filled. But the example you set with your life is with me every day. Your generosity and unselfishness speak forever.

  10. Two years ago today a fundamental shift occurred in my life.

    Dad, your passing on this day two years ago has given me reason to think and evaluate in a new way.

    I thank you for that in addition to all else you have given to me.

  11. My dear father in law, today we have lived a whole year without you.
    Now we know by experience that our lives here on earth are forever changed…
    I am so grateful for everything you gave us by being who you were, and I want you to know that you live so vividly in my heart and I rejoice in the hope of our reunion in our heavenly home. We are one year closer now…..
    I love you and I miss you more than word can say….

  12. On behalf of myself and my family here on St.Croix – we wish to extend condolences to the entire Hutchins Clan after hearing of the death of Mr. Hutchins, a great patriarc and well loved hero to many who carry on in the great tradition of living well.

  13. Please accept my condolences – your dad left an indelible impression on me. He made me think about how much growing up I still had to do, even though I thought I knew everything. Know what I mean? I bet the same is true for many of those he met. It sounds like he had a rich, remarkable life.
    More soon, I promise.
    Love to all,

  14. Sue,
    Praying for the peace and comfort of the Lord Jesus for you and all the Hutchins.
    Memories of Gene will always bring a smile to my face.
    It was a privilege to have spent those years working with you in STX and I am grateful. Gene’s creative thinking was always amazing.
    Looking forward to seeing him again later on.

  15. Oh my. I’m so sorry. Wow, I can’t believe it. Know that you and your family are in my prayers. I hope his service was one of full celebration, as he and his life are such an inspiration for all of us. It was a great honor to know him and he blessed my life in ways that still endure. He made a remarkable impact on me in such a short time.

    Thanks for letting me know. Man, I miss him already. Hope you guys are hanging in there. I know your grief is huge, but I hope the salve is blessings of his life with you.

  16. It is difficult to read your name on the grave marker.
    I expect you to be seated at the breakfast table.
    I ask you questions thinking you are behind me in the room.

    But you have moved on…
    and in the span of time before we meet again
    I will honor your memory by applying the lessons you taught
    and following the example you set.

    Until we meet again…

  17. Saltsjöbaden, December 3, 2011

    Dear Family!

    You are all in my thoughts today! It was a sad moment when I learned that Gene had passed away. He was my second Father and he always meant very much to me. Even though I have met him too seldom, I am happy that we have had such a good relation.

    When I first met Gene and the rest of the family in Maine in the summer of 1975, I immediately felt that I was lucky to come to a great family and the whole year on St. Croix came to be one of the most important in my life. My behavior may not always have been the dream of responsible parents, but I am still grateful for everything you gave me.

    Gene was my second Father and I liked and respected him so much. He was so caring and nice with a great sense of humor. At the same time he was straight forward. I remember fixing the old truck and take it full of waste to the dump, doing the last fixes at Dr. Su’s medical center, carrying cement at some new building and then painting doors at Martin Marietta. It was great to work for Gene. Then we played tennis at the tennis club end we went to the yacht club. And then decades later – my daughters driving the golf cart with him in the garden in Jacksonville. He was a great role model to me.

    During the last week I have been thinking about all the times I have had with Gene and it has given me great joy and at the same time great sorrow. In the good old days there would have been tears on the letter now, instead they drop on my keyboard.

    Sadly enough I could not make it to Jacksonville today – I very much wanted to come and take a last farewell of Gene.

    I know many people who spent a year in the US like I did but I seem to be the lucky one. No one else still have the same relation to their family like I have. Also, I am a very fortunate person to have two mothers and have had two fathers and I had all the up-sides of it and no down-sides.

    You are all in my thoughts today. It is a sad day but the sorrow comes from much love, respect and happiness.

    Anna, Astrid and Karolina send their thoughts.


  18. Thanks to Gene (and Sue), for bringing son Eric into the world, and for allowing our High School crew to headquarter in your wonderful home. My love to the entire Hutchins Family.
    Aloha Pumehana.

  19. To the Hutchins Family,
    It was a great pleasure working with Gene. He always made me laugh. He was a pretty cool guy- sweet and crusty at the same time. My prayers are with the family.

  20. I just heard of the passing of your Dad; I never had the opportunity to meet him, but Vernon (St.Croix Business Machines) knew him and also your brother Steve. Based on feedbacks, he was a good man. He has gone to meet his master and the suffering is finally over.
    Keep the faith and be strong for your Mom.

  21. Sorry to hear about the passing of your father. He did have a pretty good run at it and ducked death at least once I know of. May your pain be brief and memories long. Bruce and Phoebe

  22. memories of you,memories of you ,hurt my hart to know it true.it was a wonderfull thing to meet you along the way of life.you hold my hand and walk me along,you were always willing to listen,my love goes to the entire family,especialy sue.solong captain morgan, may your soul rest in peace

  23. Hi Pamela, so sorry to hear about Gene. I knew him, we rented from the Hutchins clan once upon a time, long long ago and lived near Gene on that island far, far away. Very nice man. Please pass along my condolences to Eric and his family as well. My love to Eric and his mom, Sue.


  24. Hello Sue, Eric, Thomas and Steven

    I am writing to tell you that Gene’s passing fills me with sadness. I was looking forward to returning to the US and seeing him again, but I see that theLord had other plans. To me, Gene was a good friend to me and made my time in St. Croix special. I feel it was was a privilege and an opportunity that the Lord gave me to share the time with Gene. I pray that the Lord be with you, Sue, that he comfort you. I pray for peace for you and everyone that loved Gene as I know these days are difficult.

    With all affection,

    Jaime & Rose

    Peru – South America

  25. While I cannot imagine your sorrow, and know not the most comforting words to impart, I grieve with you. Mostly because I love you and therefor internalize you pain, but also because I know that nobody is spared the fate that has taken your father to his resting place.

    The day before Thanksgiving? … there is something divine in Mr.Hutchins’ timing … I am aware that your father was loved by and comforted many in his lifetime. I know that he overcame the most amazing odds. That he, with your mother raised value adding members of our world community … it is as though his last exemplary act of being was to remind us to focus on that which we can/should/must be thankful for.

    Gratitude = bittersweet and beautiful when shown by a benevolent soul.

    Tearfully and with all my heart to you and your whole family,


  26. Eric, my thoughts are with you, your mom, your brothers and family on the loss of your dad. I remember him so well… The annual New Year’s Brunch at your house with our families, the patience when we all converged on the house to watch “band practice”, him working with my dad to construct the addition to our home in Judith’s Fancy… My dad once told me that Gene Hutchins was one of the most decent, hard-working men he knew. I know you are hurting and you will for a long time. My dad has been gone for 16 years and I still ache. But what does happen in time is tremendous appreciation… And then the daily application of all that you remember and learned… That’s how our loved ones live on. Big hugs to you all.

  27. Eric, my condolences to you & your family! My thoughts and prayers are with you, and especially with your mom…..please give her a big hug for me. I have very fond memories of your father and will treasure the time we spent together in St.Croix.

  28. -We remember when a dime created a lifelong friendship and now all we have are wonderful memories. Those funny times in Ct. building hou ses hoping that the wives would ok our laughs and Crusan rum drinks. What a great box fullofememories we can relate to and summers at the beach in Ct. Our prayers are with you and your family. We send you our love – Miles and Joyce

  29. Dear Gene,
    When I looked into your eyes, I saw one that was wounded by life and the other that was always full of love for me and my family. You had reason to be bitter and hurt but never let your wounds or illness keep you from bravely soldiering on in life and being a blessing to those you came in contact.
    You always made us feel welcomed in your home. I will never forget how thrilled you were when our daughter Abigail graduated from high school and you twinkled as you watched her pictures through the years slide show. It seemed you were as proud of her as if she were one of your own grandchildren.
    Gene you lived well. You were a good man on this earth….a really good man. You worked hard, you loved your wife and family, and had good common sense about the things of the world. You leave a legacy of several generations of really good children and fine grand children from Jacksonville and as far flung as Sweden. You are one of the patriarchs of a really fine family and it has been my great honor to be counted as a friend to you and the Hutchins. Because you cared enough to struggle and survive and lead a good life, many people all over the world, some who may never hear your name, will be touched for the better. When one of your grandchildren blesses someone with a good deed, a great song or a beautiful poem, you get some of the credit (not that you would ever seek it) because you were a truly good man who lived an honorable life. Well done Gene, well done.
    It is my hope Gene that Sue and the rest of the Hutchins family will soon have the pain of your loss healed by the sure knowledge that the moment you left this earth you opened both healthy eyes, stood on two strong legs of your glorified body to see Jesus who, I have no doubt, would have said, “well done my good and faithful servant.” I look forward to seeing you again on the other side. Love always Kevin Hunger

    1. Well said, Kevin! Because of Abigail’s graduation party last summer, I was able to see and hug Gene one more time. You said it all. The bonds one gets from knowing these Hutchins folks are pretty amazing!

  30. Gene,
    Your life made the world a better place. I am fortunate to have known you in my life. The world will be a colder place without you in it, but I’m sure the Pearly Gates will undergo restoration/construction with you as a new resident.
    Ken Spaulding

  31. In times like this, find strenght in others. And, my good friend, remember he lives in you, through you, and looks over you as he did when you were in your crib. Look for his smile in your children and grand children eyes. My sincere condolences.

  32. Dear Hutchins,
    From Sylvia: Many weeks have gone by since I had talked with you and Gene. To my surpise, one sunday night , I saw you and Gene across the pews. As we joyfully made our way to greet one another, I thought, someday we will greet like that in Heaven. You and Gene have such spiritual depth. I sensed it when we first met. We will be out of town next week, but you will be in our thoughts. YOU are much loved. Gene already knows that. Love, Sylvia
    From Sam: Sylvia and I have been priviledged to have known Gene and Sue since they became members of our Manarin SS Class. WE were honored to be able to visit in one another’s homes and always looked forward to Gene’s “thumb’s up” sign” and the twinkle in his eye. Two years ago when Gene was in rehab, he and I watched the FL-Ga. game in his room. I will cherish his friendship and I feel as though we have lost a beloved friend.

  33. Grandpa,

    There are so many memories…

    I just can’t sort my thoughts right now because there are a few of them that just comes up in my mind over and over again.

    It was only about two years ago when we where talking on the phone and we were going to hang up and you said “John, I’m thinking of you always”. I can still hear him say those words and it makes me feel the same way. Loved.

    Well I guess that’s what comes up now, but that is enough for me.

    I’m thinking of you too Grandpa!

  34. Gene was always bigger than life to me, as older brothers should be. Although I was not part of his growing up years, I was influnced by his high moral character and his strong German work ethic. We were seperated by nineteen years, but in getting to know Gene, as I grew up, I saw how similar we were. Gene always had a way of making everyone feel comfortable around him, as though you were the one he was waiting to see. As his little sister, I always thought he was so handsome. I will cherish the memories of our times together and will miss his phone calls.




  36. Dad thinking of your unflagging love, impact and devotion to your family. Your belief in each one of us and positive influence on all of us kids and the grandkids. Your moral character, optimism, hard, strong worth ethic, your respect for humanity and ability to live by the conviction of your beliefs, your sense of humor and generousity. They don’t make them like you. I hope we will all live up to and tread the path of life’s lessons we learned from you.

  37. Eric, I’m so sorry for your loss. Please pass on my deepest sympathy to your brothers and a special hug for your mother. Your father helped build St. Croix, he helped make it the beautiful place it is today. His legacy lives on through his work and more importantly through you and your family. I’ll always remember his story of strength and survival that he shared with me after his accident as well as some sound advice on real estate investments. He set a great example of a fullfilled life and love for his family. Gene was a great man, he will be missed!

  38. Yohannes Worede
    Hi Eric, it is with a heavy heart and fond memories that i extend you our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your father. Your dad has always been very generous with his time and passed on a lot of lifebuilding experiences to many people on this island. I am particularly gratefu; to Gene for the help he extended me when my father was here on St Croix. I am very happy to have had an opportunity to meet your dad in this lifetime as he has left an endearing memory with me. his legacy will live on. our love to you and your family my regards particularly to your mom

  39. I was sorry to hear about Gene, I have some fond memories back in the day…. and of when I was managing the King Christian. He had a great sense of humor before and after the crash he will be remembered as a great guy.

  40. Dear Amazing Gene,

    I am so often NOT at a loss for words, but I find I am now. My heart is so sad. I am so very glad that you came to Abigail’s graduation party…I can hold onto that memory of your smile. It is so like you and Sue to go to the extra effort to come and stand in as part of our family (as ours is so far away). I treasure the respect and honor and generosity you show all of us…that you look into our eyes and make the time for meaningful conversation, that you share wisdom and are reflective on wisdom we thought we had, that you have a ready smile and a willing laugh…you are so lovable, you make us feel lovable. Thank you for being our friend. I know the Lord has blessed you and will keep you and has made His face to shine upon you…I will so enjoy seeing you again with the Father!

  41. I did not have the pleasure of knowing your Mr. Hutchins, but I know this is an enormous loss. From what I have heard, you may be comforted by the knowledge that he left the world better than he found it. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

  42. I have had the pleasure of knowing Gene for the last eight years. From a dinner in St Croix to Gene and Sue’s visits to our home in Texas. He was an interesting confident man who I throroughly enjoyed. To say he was brave and strong willed would be an understatement. His legacy is defined by his great family and the love of his friends. I pray for Sue and his boys. I know he will rest in peace with God.

  43. I have known Gene for about 4 years–when they joined our Mandarin Baptist Chuch. I always knew they were very special people, but golly! these comments on the web site have made me know them a little better and confirms what I already knew–Yes! they lived a wonderful life, in a beautiful place and always reached out to touch people with love and care. Gene was always so pleasant-and grateful for any small attention. My husband passed away 2years and a few days ago, so I am keenly aware of Sue’s feelings right now and I will try to be a good friend to her in the trying days ahead. May God bless the wonderful, loving sons he leaves to mourn such a great father. I hope Eugene and Chuck have already met up in Heaven! Love to all, Helen Gibson

  44. To everybody who loved my brother Gene

    I’m sitting here reading all of the beautiful and loving tributes to Gene, which I think are all very true. I have fond memories of him when we were young and growing up in Kalamazoo. I remember we lived on top of West Main Hill in Kalamazoo in a old house. On the property there was a large barn. Upstairs in the barn he would sit for hours making balsam wood and tissue paper airplanes which he was very proud of. He made dozens of them. He was about thirteen at the time. As his sister I would bring my girlfriends up there. We wanted to share the space in the barn as a playhouse. He didn’t want to share it…he wanted to make airplanes. We wanted to see his planes and mess around with his planes – he protected his planes and his space. We both survived the battle for the barn. He always came up with a beautiful airplane.

    When we were very young and living on the North End in Kalamazoo we were very good friends. We lived on Parsons street, which by the way the house still exists – a duplex brick house. It was on the very same block as the Gibson Guitar Company. Alongside the Gibson Guitar Company there was railroad tracks. At that time you could be five years old and cover any territory you wanted. There was no danger; it was free living for children. Gene and I would go down to the tracks. About a half a block up from the street on the tracks, we would sit by the downstairs windows of the Gibson Guitar company and watch in the window as they would make these beautiful beautiful musical instruments. If you look closely you can see us in the window. https://michpics.wordpress.com/2006/06/27/gibson-guitar-in-kalamazoo-michigan/

    And another thing that happened there. We might of listened to, but we didn’t know at the time, some of the great old Country and Western singers of all time. There was a house next to the Guitar company – and the people that lived there were Country and Western music fans. The singers would spend the night at this home. The stars of the time would sit out the porch and play and sing. We sat out on our porch and listened. It was just across the street.

    We had fun when we were little. We made money. We went a couple of blocks further down the street in the other direction. There was a paper mill. They would throw the huge discarded paper sheets that they couldn’t use out into the empty lot. My brother and his friends would lift the paper up and my little friends and me would catch the crickets underneath. Dad had built us cricket cages and we would bring them home and we take them down to the bait shop and sell them. We would by Walnettos carmel candy bars. This is when you were a kid and you could go anywhere…it was just a fun way to grow up. https://www.goodolddaysstore.com/detail.html?prod_id=38&criteria=walnettos&source=GGWALNT&gclid=CJ7pxNXC1KwCFUbf4AodLBexpg

    At night – not too late – we would go around the corner the other way. We would hear the music of the gospel singers – the black community of the area. They would be having their revival – we would sit on the steps – a huge black man would come out and scare us and we would run home. He was never mean. We just ran.

    In the neighborhood there was a Bethel Baptist Church. My brother and I would go to Sunday School there. Mom and dad didn’t go. We told mom and dad we were going to be baptized. That was fine with them…although they didn’t want to attend. It was submersion – they would open up the stage where the pulpit was – below there was this tank of water. We each were submerged! And you can imagine how frightening that was – but we both made it. God was with us.

    My best memories of Gene are when we were little.

    Peace be with you all.

  45. Eugene Hutchins

    you were
    but I know you still are
    both in this heart
    and in a better place

    I loved you
    and I still do
    here on earth
    and now in heaven

    your good heart does not beat anymore
    it needs no beat to live
    in another place
    in the place we all belong
    pure love is running through your veins

    no blood, no tears
    just peace, joy and love

    I miss you
    where you are is no longing
    I love you
    where you are there is nothing else

    In my heart there is pain
    but there is no pain in yours

    the name Jesus
    is sung where you are
    you can see his face now
    a face in which you thrive

    how I long for that day
    when I can hold your hand and sing,
    sing the tunes that never silence
    sing the words that never loose their power
    sing the song of love, where we are the tunes

    your granddaughter

  46. I hold many fond memories of my youth in St. Croix. Some of my best ones include both Gene and Sue Hutchins tolerating the loud rock n roll music echoing throughout the Judith’s Fancy hills as Eric, Donald Simmons, Tom Strom and I tried feverishly to become rock stars….mostly in our own minds. The Hutchin’s house was the “fun” house that Gene designed and built; like many, many more that he built throughout the island. It was where our band Summit practiced after school. Eric’s mother, Sue, might have wished we played at someone else’s house but Gene supported our band through school yearbook advertisements, promoting us venues to play our music at, and often times directly and indirectly allowing us to “chisel” out old “Danish windmill bricks” to sell so we could make some extra money to buy more band equipment with and perhaps to Sue’s chagrin, make louder music with!

    Gene bought an old Ford Thunderbird for his boys to “tinker” with, parked it there in the Hutchins’ “fun house” carport. Everytime I passed by it to go play “Slow Ride”….I always thought to myself, wow Eric has a cool dad! Well, life goes on, I joined the Coast Guard, and everytime I came back to visit St. Croix, Gene and Sue were always two people I wanted to go say hello to. They even opened their guest house to me, welcomed me as though I too were just another one of their sons. Gene shared with me his personal story of survival after his Antilles Airboat accident, and I found him to be a man of unwavering strength and determination. I know it wasn’t easy for Gene to leave St. Croix; and looking back at it all, given the sad news of recent days, I am convinced that a part of him never did. I will hold my own personal memories of Gene with me forever, for he played a part in my life by making my experience growing up in America’s Paradise, a very special time, one that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It’s the people we meet along the way that mean the most, Gene was one of those people for me. My heartfelt sympathies to Sue, Tom, Steve, Eric and all the Hutchins! During these days of Thanksgiving, I am Thankful to have known Gene Hutchins; may he Rest In Peace, may his family find comfort and love in all the words from friends and loved ones near and far.

  47. Sorrow

    Sorrow is nothing on its own
    just emptiness, loss
    a hole in the heart
    a hole in which icy winds
    whirl and tear up wounds

    Silence, dead hush, black
    fateful absence
    echoing loneliness
    dusk without hope of light
    clouds in hostile formation

    There is nothing to say
    only endure
    words have been murdered
    suffocated in darkness
    on the icy edge of the abysm

    Something is calling…
    beyond the ice and stiffness
    Come rest on green pastures
    but first let the northener subside
    and life return to the words

    Someone is calling…
    not to fill the empty space
    but to rest
    not to erase or to compensate
    but to carry

    Sorrow is nothing on its own
    just a burden to carry
    how can emptiness be heavy?
    vacuum can’t be weighed
    the smell of grass brings courage

    (Swedish version)

  48. Uncle Gene!

    It is my privilege and honor to have known you even before your own children. I suspect that you may have begun honing your fathering skills on me, even as you and Aunt Sue were preparing to welcome Tom into this world… 🙂

    I have so many fond memories;

    The wonderful Marklin HO train set you guys brought back from your tour in Deutchland… if I hadn’t foolishly lost it in my misspent youth, I’m sure it would be worth a pretty penny now; but the exerience of tinkering with it is certainly worth far more…

    I remember you showing me how to make darts out of matchsticks, needles, and paper.

    Sitting in your apartment in Connecticut; Aunt Sue large with Tom on the way; you would quiz me on science topics: “Dann, if we were in space and I put you, weightless, right here in the middle of the room, could you move to the side?” “Yes” I replied in my ignorance. “No, you couldn’t, because you would have nothing to push against!” Thus opening my mind to one more of the wonders of physics.

    Sleeping in your scratchy army sleeping bag on Christmas Eve, upstairs in the new house in Connecticut. Truth be told, NOT sleeping much, tossing and turning in impatient anticipation of Christmas morning. Out in the snowy front yard the next morning with you and my Dad, shooting water rockets into the stratosphere! 🙂

    You walking me through the building of a putt-putt steamboat, from scratch, down in the basement of our house in Long Island…

    Building a stick-and-tissue rubber-band powered airplane in the playroom of that house; finally launching it, only to have it revert to sticks and tissue once again! And then going on to the firecrackers with the balsa wood wings glued on – true “one-shots,” light them, throw them, watch them soar through the air for a few moments and then go out in a blaze of glory! :):):)

    Uncle Gene, you were and will always continue to be, one of the primary guiding lights of my life! I attribute a large portion of any success I have so far had in my career to your constant encouragement and example of resourcefulness.

    I’ve tried to tell you some of these things on the unfortunately rare occasions during which I’ve been able to see you or talk with you during the last decade or so, and I hope I made myself clear while you were still able to hear me!

    I trust that in God’s kindness, you might even now be aware of this heartfelt beginning of a tribute to you and to the marvelous influence you had on my life – and by extension, on all of my own heirs, successors, and assigns…

    With the most profound love, honor, and respect,

    Your nephew,

    -Dann McCreary

  49. I am thinking of the many Hutchins family members I am blessed to know and how each of you had a special, precious relationship with your “Grandpa” and uncle and father. I feel blessed, too, to have known him and of his huge love for all of you, which poured from him whenever we spoke of the family. Love to Sue and prayers for comfort for all of you. A full life, indeed.

  50. Mr. Hutchins (to us old school Crucians) was a man of compassion and great strength. He always had a smile and a good word for everyone. His contribution to his island home is greatly appreciated. Love and best wishes to the Hutchins family circle.

  51. Steve I never had the good luck to meet your Dad, but he sounds like the one I wish I’d had….try and stay in touch..life does not last forever…My prayers for your old man to meet Chris and kick his butt!!!!

  52. Dearest and most beloved grandpa.

    I miss you so… I wish the Atlantic had been smaller. Even so, I am so incredibly thankful for the year, I had with you and grandma. That year changed me, you changed me…

    There are so many things to say, but no words that can express it.

    I will keep the memories of you close to my heart, and in that way, you will always be with me, until we meet again…

  53. Grandpa always helped with my problems. He was always there for me. I always made sure he took his medication and walked. I remember when my parents us with grandma and grandpa, Ben and myself always had the best time. We would go to Dairy Queens and have ice creams. Even though grandpa wasn’t suppose to have any sugar, he always have some with us. For the past two years, grandpa was going through difficult time with his illness. But he never complained. Every time I come to visit grandma’s and grandpa’s house, he would give me the biggest smile ever. He always joked about his condition. Now every time I come over, the house feels empty. I always expect him sitting his wheel chair at the kitchen table or in the
    Sunroom. I love you grandpa. I miss you as well.

  54. Dear dear Grandpa

    When I read all of your comments and descriptions I smile and cry. I too will miss the jokes (which I often didn’t understand because of the play on words) and his funny faces. I will always try to learn from and be inspired by his hard working and always helping attitude. I admire how he seemed to never give up on anything or think it was too hard! I always like the story of how he tried and tried to run with his leg even if he fell. But like Dad mentioned above, most of all I remember his love. I have always felt so deeply and so surely that he loved me and I him.

    Dear dear Grandpa. I miss you so!

    … and Jakob remembers opsie daysie 🙂

  55. Friends and Family of Eric Hutchins, posting about Gene’s passing on Facebook in response to Eric’s Thanksgiving tribute to his Dad:

    Clark Johnson, Philip Wilson, Rosalee Hays Gage and 13 others like this.
    Pamela Fagan Hutchins He was a wonderful guy. I see so much of him in you. I love you both a ton.

    Thomas P Carnes Peace to you in dealing with the loss of your father. It seems like you have already found a large dose of it.

    Courtney B Sharp Prays heading up in your name Eric.

    Sue Robb Gibbons I am sorry for your loss and sending prayers ♥

    Theresa Mulvihill Turnbach So very sorry for your loss! Know that he is in a better place. My dad struggled with diabetes too.

    Eric Hutchins Thank you all very much, his last few years were tough but he had such a wonderful amazing life.

    Patrice Morgan So sorry for your loss, Eric. Our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family.

    Kelli Kleweno I am so sorry for your Loss Eric…was your Dad a type 1 diabetic? My 14 yr old daughter was diagnosed at 4 years old..as a teenager it is a struggle but she does amazing…prayers to you and your family during this difficult time..may your amazing father rest in peace!

    Susie Fagan Gene loved life and fought so hard . Love and prayers to all the family.

    Krystyn Knauss Newton Eric, thoughts and prayers with you……..amazing memories. Can hear your passion and love for him. Soak up the wonderful memories. God Bless you and you family.

    Eric Hutchins Hey Kelli, He was an insulin dependent type 2 diabetic. It came on mid life as the result of being in a terrible plane crash. He lived a wonderful life. He was however, terribly stubborn and tough as nails and really did a lousy job dealing with the diabetes. That caused his later years to be tougher than the might have otherwise been.

    Dana Epley Eric, I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending prayers and love to you all during this time.

    Debbie Lege-Schrader Sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers go out to you & your family.

    Angela Baker Broyles I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Kelli Kleweno Having diabetes, type 1 or 2 is like having a monkey on your back so to speak…it takes constant care and commitment…you don’t make a choice about what you are doing or want to do without first thinking about how it will affect your blood sugar levels…take comfort in knowing that he will not have to do that anymore……

    Maria Gutierrez Lapone Eric! I am so very sorry for the loss of your father. Yes he certainly was a force in this life time. Your dad was such a kind and gentle man. Thoughts and prayers to the family.

    Thom Grace My condolences Eric. A great loss.

    Patrick Juarez Hey Eric. Just saw your message. So sorry for the loss of your father. Yes, I remember him as a kind and gentle man. My condolences to your mother, Steve, your brother, and the rest of the family—

    Ernie Barsamian Eric…sorry for your loss. Hope your family is ok. Take care.

    Rhonda Doyle Erb So sorry for your loss! You and your family are in my prayers!

    Ann Wilson Brennan Eric, I am so sorry. Thank God for good Daddys.

    Penny Williams I am so sorry Eric!

    Molly Weiland Schmidt Dave and I are sending our love to you and your family, Eric. We have fond memories of your father and know what an important person he was to you.xo

    Dori Hancock Brassard My heart and prayers go out to you and your family, Eric.

    Michael W Zehender Eric, so sorry to hear… have know your dad for a very long time.. I remember him fondly with you big boat on St. Croix and other occasions. Thoughts and prayers to you and all the family!

    Jeannie Zehender Our prayers and thoughts are with you and the Hutchin’s family. Your Dad made a big difference on St. Croix, and will be remembered and missed. Hugs and prayers

    Jean Bishop Eric, I am so sorry for your loss. Please accept our condolences and give our love to your family.

    Heidi Dorey I’m so sorry, Eric.

    Eric Hutchins Thank you all for your really kind thoughts and prayers and I will definitely tell my family of your caring . Hard to believe that he is gone.

    Chad Sheraw Sorry for your loss. I knew him only when I was young. He was always very kind. I loved his house and have only the best memories of it. Take care.

    Angela Baker Broyles I’m so very sorry for your loss. I lost my Dad 12 years ago at the age of 50. It’s never easy to lose a parent. HUGS!

    Darryl Kotyk Hi Eric, I’m sorry to hear about your news. I can tell by the kind of person you are how great he must have been. Thinking about you, my friend.

    Gary Brumback Very sorry to hear about your Dad Eric, I have fond memories of your folks! I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Sheryl Sullivan Harper Eric…I am so sorry for your loss!!

    Susan Farrell So sorry for your loss. May all the beautiful memories you hold in your heart bring you peace . Big hug and much love

    Michele DeFrance Matney So sad for you, Eric! Big hugs to you all.

    Maritza Espinel Burt So very sorry for your loss Eric. You all are in our prayers. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

    Linda Mahony Duggan So sorry for your loss.

    Ken Mashburn Eric : My deepest condolences on the loss of your Father he was a great guy. I used to love running into him and talking construction. He was a true gentleman. Ken

    Jim Schuck I am sorry Eric, I liked your dad…RIP Mr. Hutchins

    John Woodson Eric, my condolences to you and your family; he still lives through you; Blessings.

  56. -Lazy Mary will you get up, She answers back I am not able. Lazy Mary will you get up, We need the sheets for the table. Oh how I will miss my grandfathers crusty singing voice early in the morning before breakfast. I will miss his awful jokes, that I actually thought were hilarious even when I didnt understand them. I will miss him telling me to slow down in the golf cart when we fly through the trees. I will miss him making my dear old grandma frustrated and than look at me and make a funny face. I will miss him making jokes about his one eye or his half a leg. I will miss the days when he made me weed wack the lawn at like 7 in the morning and end up hurting myself. I will miss the days when he would pick me up in the Jelopey (don’t know how to spell that) from school. Today I am thankful for my Grandpa. Even though he passed away last night he is still with all of us today on Thanksgiving in our hearts. He made a wonderful presence when he would slowly limp into a room. Today when we pray before our meal I will think of him and his prayers before every meal. RIP Grandpa Hutchins. I will love you forever.

    1. This was so incredibly good. He has a huge goofy grin on right now, and he is thinking about telling you the “algae saw the bear….” story. or maybe something about cracked pots. Your memories of him are so vivid and clear to me they describe him so well. For him to know the kind of imprint that he has made on your life will make him smile, forever.

      1. That is exactly how I will always remember g-pa. I will remember the jokes and the optimism he showed even in the painful last three years. I wished he could have won the battle and lived to walk to the barn and work outside and strengthen himself to do it again the next day liked he wished. He is an inspiration to all who knew him and I was inspired by his character. How can I ever forget him?

      2. eric one day gene was standing on top of the stair at the house in st.croix and i was at the bottom of the stairs , he shout out jarvis move don,t stand their am a walking crash.when ever he came on the job and something wasn,t to good he use to say am going to shake the bag.rest in peace gene.

  57. thankful and thinking of my grandfather, Gene Hutchins, who passed away last night. I admit, I used to dread hearing his voice as he walked down the hall singing to wake me up at 6am so we could hit the jobsites for 8-9 hours of hard labor when i was 12 (i did look forward to the first stop, sausage egg and cheese biscuit at Wendys), but i wouldn’t take any of those times back for anything (including the near death experiences). The life lessons i’ve learned from those experiences and from any time with him have be and will be invaluable and have made me into the person I am today. The stories of his life are simply incredible. I can’t say i know anyone else who has survived a plane crash in the ocean after being dismembered by the propeller, and also took him family up to Maine, bought a piece of beautiful property and over two summers live out of a tent and built and amazing cabin on a lake. The man was unstoppable, but unfortunately, life ends. You will be missed by all forever.

    1. One lesson or value he wanted to instill in me that perhaps most of us in America, Europe, and throughout the world could benefit from, is that it does not always take the best, most, newest, or most glamorous method or gadget to be the best, or at least do things the best and/or right way. I had lost this mentality over the past six years, but will make it a priority going forward.

      1. Man Steve, he is grinning right now about what you just said. His work trucks were always the beat up old workhorses and we learned to fix thing a 1000 times, there was NOTHING that was disposable, it always had one more use in it. Something you build yourself always mean so much more than something you get off a shelf.

    2. Sorry to hear dat mehboy u know granpa Gene Wass dat dude especially when he used to let us slide in the old school I used to feel like a Yung mob boss riding in dat thing yes mehboy he will be missed sorry to hear dat bro guidance always Rasta . Blessup

  58. I posted the following on FB and I will be copying in some of the many wonderful comments so they can be captured here.

    Today I am thankful for my father Gene Hutchins who passed away yesterday evening, after kicking diabetes’s ass for many years. Those of you that know him know what an amazing life force he was. I am thankful for the incredible life he lead and for the one his work has allowed me to enjoy. RIP and Thank You.

  59. Gene:

    I will miss your terrible jokes and singing voice 🙂 You were a fantastic and loving father-in-law, and you meant the world to Eric, the kids, and me. You inspired us with your work ethic and your incredible will, and your even bigger love and pride in your family. I will never be able to thank you enough for the gift of your son and the man you made him.


    1. Eric Hutchins I am thankful that you got to know him long enough to see a some of that incredible spirit, and hear some of the ridiculously bad jokes :). It is not lost on me that today is Thanksgiving and I know how thankful he was for your love for me and all that you have done for me and my family.

      Pamela Fagan Hutchins It was a mutual admiration society, I assure you I was just as thankful for him, both for the gift of you and just for him being his wonderfully hilarious curmudgeonly self.

      Rhonda Doyle Erb I’m sorry for your family’s loss, Pamela! You are in my prayers!

  60. Thank you Dad!

    Thank you for being the father you are, for the example you have been, for the advice and guidance you have given.

    But maybe most of all for the love you have shown.

    I am truly blessed to be your son.

  61. My dear father in law

    Dad – my dear father in law – Gene Hutchins – the world will never be the same without you. But what you left with us can never be taken from us. Your soft, sweet heart and your loving hands, that always stretched out to help whoever crossed your way. We pray that God will help us live up to that. Our hearts are aching, but finding consolation in the fact that you have reached our heavenly home. We will meet again!

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