Sorrow is nothing on its own
just emptiness, loss
a hole in the heart
a hole in which icy winds
whirl and tear up wounds

Silence, dead hush, black
fateful absence
echoing loneliness
dusk without hope of light
clouds in hostile formation

There is nothing to say
only endure
words have been murdered
suffocated in darkness
on the icy edge of the abysm

Something is calling…
beyond the ice and stiffness
Come rest on green pastures
but first let the northener subside
and life return to the words

Someone is calling…
not to fill the empty space
but to rest
not to erase or to compensate
but to carry

Sorrow is nothing on its own
just a burden to carry
how can emptiness be heavy?
vacuum can’t be weighed
the smell of grass brings courage

(Swedish version)

Anne-Marie Hutchins

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