Sorrow is nothing on its own
just emptiness, loss
a hole in the heart
a hole in which icy winds
whirl and tear up wounds

Silence, dead hush, black
fateful absence
echoing loneliness
dusk without hope of light
clouds in hostile formation

There is nothing to say
only endure
words have been murdered
suffocated in darkness
on the icy edge of the abysm

Something is calling…
beyond the ice and stiffness
Come rest on green pastures
but first let the northener subside
and life return to the words

Someone is calling…
not to fill the empty space
but to rest
not to erase or to compensate
but to carry

Sorrow is nothing on its own
just a burden to carry
how can emptiness be heavy?
vacuum can’t be weighed
the smell of grass brings courage

(Swedish version)

Anne-Marie Hutchins

Uncle Gene

It is my privilege and honor to have known you even before your own children. I suspect that you may have begun honing your fathering skills on me, even as you and Aunt Sue were preparing to welcome Tom into this world… :)

I have so many fond memories;

The wonderful Marklin HO train set you guys brought back from your tour in Deutchland… if I hadn’t foolishly lost it in my misspent youth, I’m sure it would be worth a pretty penny now; but the exerience of tinkering with it is certainly worth far more…

I remember you showing me how to make darts out of matchsticks, needles, and paper.

Sitting in your apartment in Connecticut; Aunt Sue large with Tom on the way; you would quiz me on science topics: “Dann, if we were in space and I put you, weightless, right here in the middle of the room, could you move to the side?” “Yes” I replied in my ignorance. “No, you couldn’t, because you would have nothing to push against!” Thus opening my mind to one more of the wonders of physics.

Sleeping in your scratchy army sleeping bag on Christmas Eve, upstairs in the new house in Connecticut. Truth be told, NOT sleeping much, tossing and turning in impatient anticipation of Christmas morning. Out in the snowy front yard the next morning with you and my Dad, shooting water rockets into the stratosphere! :)

You walking me through the building of a putt-putt steamboat, from scratch, down in the basement of our house in Long Island…

Building a stick-and-tissue rubber-band powered airplane in the playroom of that house; finally launching it, only to have it revert to sticks and tissue once again! And then going on to the firecrackers with the balsa wood wings glued on – true “one-shots,” light them, throw them, watch them soar through the air for a few moments and then go out in a blaze of glory! :) :):)

Uncle Gene, you were and will always continue to be, one of the primary guiding lights of my life! I attribute a large portion of any success I have so far had in my career to your constant encouragement and example of resourcefulness.

I’ve tried to tell you some of these things on the unfortunately rare occasions during which I’ve been able to see you or talk with you during the last decade or so, and I hope I made myself clear while you were still able to hear me!

I trust that in God’s kindness, you might even now be aware of this heartfelt beginning of a tribute to you and to the marvelous influence you had on my life – and by extension, on all of my own heirs, successors, and assigns…

With the most profound love, honor, and respect,

Your nephew,

Dann McCreary

Dearest and most beloved grandpa

I miss you so… I wish the Atlantic had been smaller. Even so, I am so incredibly thankful for the year, I had with you and grandma. That year changed me, you changed me…

There are so many things to say, but no words that can express it.

I will keep the memories of you close to my heart, and in that way, you will allways be with me, until we meet again…

Erika Lahti

Dear dear Grandpa

When I read all of your comments and descriptions I smile and cry. I too will miss the jokes (which I often didn’t undertand because of the play on words) and his funny faces. I will always try to learn from and be inspired by his hard working and always helping attitude. I admire how he seemed to never give up on anything or think it was too hard! I always like the story of how he tried and tried to run with his leg even if he fell. But like Dad mentioned above, most of all I remember his love. I have always felt so deeply and so surely that he loved me and I him.

Dear dear Grandpa. I miss you so!

… and Jakob remembers opsie daysie 🙂

Rebecka Appelfeldt

Thank you Dad!

Thank you for being the father you are, for the example you have been, for the advice and guidance you have given.

But maybe most of all for the love you have shown.

I am truly blessed to be your son.

Thomas Hutchins

My dear father in law

Dad – my dear father in law – Gene Hutchins – the world will never be the same without you. But what you left with us can never be taken from us. Your soft, sweet heart and your loving hands, that always stretched out to help whoever crossed your way. We pray that God will help us live up to that. Our hearts are aching, but finding consolation in the fact that you have reached our heavenly home. We will meet again!

Anne-Marie Hutchins